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This is a photo of well known actor Ossie Davis participating in Brooklyn CORE's week long sit in at the Board of Education in 1962.

Davis, who with a his wife Ruby Dee, were known to go out of their way to participate in the movement and…

This is a photo of the Bibuld family who were at the center of Brooklyn CORE's first campaign against the NYC Board of Education. In between Elaine and Jerome Bibuld are their children (from left to right) Melanie, Carrington, and Douglass.…

This is a photo of Malcolm X at Brooklyn CORE's 1963 SUNY Downstate Medical demonstration. In the left hand side of the photo can be seen a member of Brooklyn CORE wearing a CORE hat.

This is a photo of East River CORE member Terry Perlman taken by legendary Civil Rights photographer Bob Adelman. Even though it looks as if it were taken at a sit-in protest, according to Perlman, it was actually a staged photo.

After being in…

This is the cover to Dr. Brian Purnell's, 'Fighting Jim Crow in the County of Kings:The Congress of Racial Equality in Brooklyn (Civil Rights and the Struggle for Black Equality in the Twentieth Century)'.

The name of the boy in the photo is…

james graydon pic.tiff
This is a 1969 photo of Long Beach CORE chairman James Graydon (Black). He is looking over a series of articles on poverty with a Newsday editor and a local poverty worker.

stu wechs.jpg
This is a July 27, 1967 of CORE field secretary Stuart Wechsler (center, White male) walking to court in Cambridge, Maryland for his July 25 arrest. Wechsler had been down from New York City working on CORE's Target City project in Baltimore.

stu wechs2.jpg
This is a July 25, 1967 photo of CORE field secretary Stuart Wechsler (center, glasses) being arrested in Cambridge, Maryland. He was down from New York City working on the Target City Project. By is own account, he'd been arrested 25-30 times as an…

stan brez.tif
This a photo of Brooklyn CORE member Stanley Brezenoff at Brooklyn College, class of 1960. Originally from Brooklyn, Brezenoff was working on a Master’s degree in Philosophy before he joined CORE.

According to Mr. Brezenoff, he first joined…

BC CORE poster.tif

This is a 1963 poster for the Brooklyn College CORE chapter that has been defaced. The word 'negroes' was scratched out and replaced with 'niggers'. It demonstrates that even in the City University of New York which had 'developed a reputation as…
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