photo of Stanley Brezenoff, Brooklyn CORE

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photo of Stanley Brezenoff, Brooklyn CORE


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This a photo of Brooklyn CORE member Stanley Brezenoff at Brooklyn College, class of 1960. Originally from Brooklyn, Brezenoff was working on a Master’s degree in Philosophy before he joined CORE.

According to Mr. Brezenoff, he first joined as part of the 1963 White Castle demonstrations in the Bronx. He was soon directed to his local chapter, Brooklyn CORE. He became part of a clique of active members that included Vivian Casey, Arnie Goldwag, Vinny Young and Gil Banks. A veteran of such demonstrations as the SUNY Downstate Medical Center campaign and the Stall In, he was also front and center for the riots in Bedford Stuyvesant that took place after the Harlem riots in 1964.

He worked directly under Brooklyn chairman Major Owens on the rent strike committee and also served as housing chairman. On loan from Brooklyn CORE, he was Milton Galamison’s Chief of Operations during the second citywide school boycott.

Referred to in the press as ‘Galamison’s White henchman’, he believes he may have also been the last White leader in the chapter. Brooklyn CORE chairman Sonny Carson, even after he had pushed out White members like Arnie Goldwag (whose name was synonymous with Brooklyn CORE), seemed to have accepted Brezenoff. He would not be allowed to be a head of committee, but according to Brezenoff, he was told by Sonny Carson that he was welcome to stay. Brenzenoff stayed for awhile but left not too long afterwards.


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