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This is a film clip that it comes from the PBS documentary series "The Jewish Americans"... it has to do with Brooklyn CORE member Les Campbell from the Ocean Hill-Brownsville community control demonstrations and the "Hey, Jew boy" poem he read on…

the east front mural
This is a collection of photos of and articles on the EAST, the cultural nationalist organization founded by Jitu Weusi (among others). I am including it here for several reasons: - as I have argued previously, the EAST in many ways represents a…

This is the photo used for the New York Times obituary of Brooklyn CORE chairman Major Owens who died on October 21, 2013. The photo is notable because in it he is speaking at an NAACP event.

The fact that Congressman Major Owens was ever a…

eleanor stein pic.tiff
This is a photo of founding member and Brooklyn SCORE chairman Eleanor Stein. In the photo, she is a law student at Columbia University in the late 1960's.

An Erasmus High School student when he helped found the student chapter of Brooklyn…

ali lamont jr. pic.tiff
This is a photo of Brooklyn CORE chairman Ali Lamont, Jr. According to the article the photo was taken from he was 29 years old at the time.

Originally a member of the Nation of Islam, he became of member of Brooklyn CORE out of his…

BK CORE office pic.tiff
This is a photo of the Brooklyn CORE store front office.

This is the cover to Dr. Brian Purnell's, 'Fighting Jim Crow in the County of Kings:The Congress of Racial Equality in Brooklyn (Civil Rights and the Struggle for Black Equality in the Twentieth Century)'.

The name of the boy in the photo is…

seitu pic.tiff
This is a photo of Brooklyn CORE member Jim 'Seitu' Dyson. He was one of the many Brooklyn CORE members that also were members of the EAST. A graphic artist, he did the majority of the covers for the EAST's newspaper, Black News.

black news1.jpeg
This is the cover to the Nov. 20, 1970 issue of Black News done by Brooklyn CORE member Jim 'Seitu' Dyson. The illustration is of Angela Davis of the Black Panther Party.

Seitu was the graphic artist for the Black News, the EAST's regular…
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