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stu wechs pic.jpg
This is a photo of CORE member Stuart Wechsler taken when he worked as part of the Target City project in Baltimore, Maryland.

Originally a member a CCNY CORE, he joined New York CORE with Terry Perlman and Pat Saunders and was part of the group…

stu wechs2.jpg
This is a July 25, 1967 photo of CORE field secretary Stuart Wechsler (center, glasses) being arrested in Cambridge, Maryland. He was down from New York City working on the Target City Project. By is own account, he'd been arrested 25-30 times as an…

stu wechs.jpg
This is a July 27, 1967 of CORE field secretary Stuart Wechsler (center, White male) walking to court in Cambridge, Maryland for his July 25 arrest. Wechsler had been down from New York City working on CORE's Target City project in Baltimore.

terry ccny.tif
This is the 1963 yearbook photo for CCNY CORE chairman and Freedom Rider Terry Perlman. She graduated with a B.A. from City College (City University of New York) and subsequently joined Harlem CORE when it was still known as New York CORE. The…

This is the 1961 arrest photo for CORE member Terry Perlman as a Freedom Rider in Jackson, Mississippi. At the time, she was only 19 years old.
She first joined CORE to be a Freedom Rider and signed up at the national office. She would go on to…

This is the arrest photo for CCNY CORE member Morton Slater as a Freedom Rider. He also participated in the Route 40 Freedom Rides.

from Eric Etheridge's 'Breach Of Peace':
"In the first offenders camp at Parchman, I found myself next to an…
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