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lamar cox pic.tiff
This is a 1968 photo of Long Island CORE chairman Lamar Cox. He became chairman in 1968 after succeeding Mel Jackson.

mel jackson pic1.tiff
This is a 1967 photo of Long Island CORE chairman Mel Jackson.

irwin pic.tiff
This is a 1973 photo of Suffolk County CORE chairman Irwin Quintyne.
A World War II Navy veteran, he and his wife, Delores, originally moved from the projects in Harlem to North Amityville, Long Island in 1961. She was the first chairman of Suffolk…

This is an audio file of the song 'Jitu' by Pharoah Sanders from the album Shukuru. The song was named after Brooklyn CORE member Jitu Weusi. The photo* is of Weusi when he was still known as Leslie Campbell.

Pharoah Sanders was one of the many…

lincoln lynch black journal.mp4
This is a 1968 clip from PBS' "Black Journal" of Long Island CORE chairman Lincoln Lynch. Just before he left CORE he was the national vice chairman under CORE head Floyd McKissick. At the time of this clip he was the vice chairman of the New York…

blyden jackson black journal.mp4
This is a 1969 panel discussion with East River CORE head Blyden Jackson (far left, afro, dashiki) on South Africa, straight from PBS' show "Black Journal". At the time he was working for an organization started by CORE founder George Houser, the…

Reader s Almanac  Blyden Jackson (May 05, 1974).mp3
This is an May 5, 1974 WNYC radio interview of Blyden Jackson as the author of ‘Operation Burning Candle’.

innis-cia 7.pdf
This is a 1975 article written by investigative journalists Les Payne and Ernie Volkman on how CORE national director Roy Innis planned to involve CORE in the 1975 Angolan civil war. This was considered highly controversial since his program was …

innis cia - ernie volkman.pdf
This is a 1975 article that was a follow up to the Dec. 11 1975 article that reported CORE was sending mercenaries to Angola as part of a C.I.A. operation. In it, CORE national director Roy Innis denied the report and blames the C.I.A. for sabotaging…

amin innis farrakhan.jpeg
This is a 1975 photo of CORE national director Roy Innis (2nd row, beard, white suit), Ugandan president Idi Amin (right of Innis) and Louis Farrakhan (2nd row, bow tie) of the Nation of Islam. Innis was often criticized for his relationship with…
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