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This is a film clip that it comes from the PBS documentary series "The Jewish Americans"... it has to do with Brooklyn CORE member Les Campbell from the Ocean Hill-Brownsville community control demonstrations and the "Hey, Jew boy" poem he read on…

the east front mural
This is a collection of photos of and articles on the EAST, the cultural nationalist organization founded by Jitu Weusi (among others). I am including it here for several reasons: - as I have argued previously, the EAST in many ways represents a…

arnie for website.mp3
This is an audio clip of Brooklyn CORE member Arnie Goldwag speaking about working with Brooklyn CORE's Jitu Weusi after Goldwag had been pushed out of Brooklyn CORE because he was White.

In his oral history with New York CORE member Sheila…

This is an audio file of the song 'Jitu' by Pharoah Sanders from the album Shukuru. The song was named after Brooklyn CORE member Jitu Weusi. The photo* is of Weusi when he was still known as Leslie Campbell.

Pharoah Sanders was one of the many…

This is a photo of Brooklyn CORE member Jitu Weusi.
Born and raised in Brooklyn, he was originally known as Leslie Campbell. He was a member of Brooklyn CORE from its earliest days, partially due to his father's friendship with chairman Ollie…
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