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les payne innis libel suit.pdf
This is a 1985 article on a lawsuit filed by CORE national director against investigative journalist Les Payne. Innis sued Payne for comments made on the current affairs program "Like It Is" where Payne stated Innis was "flacking for the C.I.A." in…

innis-cia 7.pdf
This is a 1975 article written by investigative journalists Les Payne and Ernie Volkman on how CORE national director Roy Innis planned to involve CORE in the 1975 Angolan civil war. This was considered highly controversial since his program was …

innis cia - ernie volkman.pdf
This is a 1975 article that was a follow up to the Dec. 11 1975 article that reported CORE was sending mercenaries to Angola as part of a C.I.A. operation. In it, CORE national director Roy Innis denied the report and blames the C.I.A. for sabotaging…
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