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This is a clip from an early 70's NYU student film, "Red Squad", which examines the covert department of the NYPD in charge of investigating political activists.
In this clip, an attorney discusses how Black undercover police officers were used to…

This clip from the NYU student film, "Red Squad", features an interview with undercover NYPD officer Ray Woodall aka Ray Wood.
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callender wood pic.tiff
This is the 1964 New York Times article which features a photo of Ray Wood, the undercover agent who infiltrated Bronx CORE, being arrested with Bronx CORE chairman Herb Callender. The two had attempted to make a citizen's arrest on Mayor…

Malcolm X assassination- 50 years on, mystery still clouds details of the case | US news | The Guardian.pdf
This is an explosive article which places undercover NYPD police officer Ray Wood at the assassination of Malcolm X. It also suggests an answer to one of the great mysteries surrounding the event - the identity of the second man who was arrested at…

In the mid-60's, New York CORE member Susan Brownmiller was a regular columnist for the Village Voice. She covered the case of Ray Wood, aka 'Ray Woodall' who had successfully infiltrated both Bronx CORE and Harlem CORE. The article is in regards to…

In 1967, undercover police officer Ray Wood (aka Ray Woodall) testified during congressional hearings before the Committee on Un-American Activities. As part of an investigation into 'subversive influences in riots, looting and burning', he gave…
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