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kenyatta - ferguson FBI.pdf
This is a document from the Federal Bureau of Investigation's COINTELPRO program that discusses plans to attempt to convince Herman Ferguson, former education chairman of South Jamaica CORE, that Charles 37X Kenyatta, leader of the Harlem Mau Mau,…

This is a 1967 photo of Charles 37X Kenyatta (left, helmet) and South Jamaica CORE's education chairman Herman Ferguson (right, shades, coat and tie). The photo was taken at the 2nd Black Power Conference in Newark, New Jersey.
Both are former…

omar abu and gloria richardson2.tiff
This is a July 22, 1967 photo of East River CORE chairman Omar Abu Ahmed (white shirt, bald head) seated next to Gloria Richardson, leader of the Cambridge movement, at the 2nd National Black Power Conference in Newark, New Jersey.

Ahmed, one of…

Maloclm X supports Farmer.jpg
This is a January 1965 letter from the Organization of Afro-American Unity to CORE's national director James Farmer in support of his actions with the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party. It is signed by Malcolm X.

Malcolm X assassination- 50 years on, mystery still clouds details of the case | US news | The Guardian.pdf
This is an explosive article which places undercover NYPD police officer Ray Wood at the assassination of Malcolm X. It also suggests an answer to one of the great mysteries surrounding the event - the identity of the second man who was arrested at…

kochiyama + malcolm x.jpg
This is a photo of 7 Arts CORE member Yuri Kochiyama (left page, glasses, black dress) cradling the head of Malcolm X just after he had been assassinated at the Audubon Ballroom on February 21, 1965.

The photo speaks to just how involved…

calvin cobb pic.tiff
This is a photo of Calvin Cobb, one of the founders of Suffolk County CORE and its first chairman. According to his obituary, his family were sharecroppers from South Carolina. A World War II veteran of the Air Force, he graduated from the City…

ferguson 1968 pic.tiff
This is a 1968 photo of Herman Ferguson. He was the education chairman of South Jamaica CORE (SJ CORE) but was not a member of CORE. His career as an activist, however, began with other members of CORE in Queens.

An assistant principal at PS 40…

This is a 1968 photo of East River CORE's last chairman Omar Abu Ahmed (right, bald head) standing next to SNCC chairman H. Rap Brown (left, sunglasses).

As an active member of Harlem CORE, Ahmed attended the March on Washington. He was one of…
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