5th source that stated Ray Wood suggested bombings in CORE

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5th source that stated Ray Wood suggested bombings in CORE


Ray Wood


This is an article from a 1965 issue of the Militant which describes how undercover police officer Ray Wood was suggesting to members of CORE they should commit violent acts such as bombings. It supports similar statements made by East River CORE member Stuart Wechsler and Bronx CORE member Rafael Martinez. This is significant because these suggestions were being made long before Wood joined the Black Liberation Front (BLF) whose members were imprisoned for conspiracy to bomb the Statue of Liberty. It also further helps to exonerate BLF members Walter Bowe and Khaleel Sayeed who stated in court it was Wood's suggestion to bomb the Statue of Liberty which would have been entrapment on behalf of the police.

These statements also contradict what Ray Wood is reported to have said in the book "The Ray Wood Story" by Reggie Wood. On page 48, Ray Wood claimed his BOSSI/NYPD handlers ordered him to try and convince Collier, Bowe and Sayyed to blow up the Statue of Liberty at a meeting on Jan. 19, 1965. The statements of these CORE members speak to the several inconsistencies in "The Ray Wood Story". Several questions should be asked. Did the idea to blow up the Statue of Liberty actually come from Wood's handlers or Wood himself? Was Wood telling the truth about the Jan. 19, 1965 meeting? If Wood was lying about this event is it possible he lied about other details in his confession which represents the crux of "The Ray Wood Story"? It should also be noted that Wood's daughter has openly questioned the legitimacy of Wood's confession.

The article states:
"Last year, while a member of CORE, Wood participated in an all night vigil protesting the government's inaction concerning the three civil rights workers killed in Mississippi.

I was told by a Negro Minister, Rev. Robert Kinlock, that Wood suggested to him at the vigil that bombing Times Square would be a good idea. Wood made the same suggestion that night to a young member of CORE, Jerry Tehan. Defense attorney Mark Lane tried to have Tehan tell his story on the stand, but the judge sustained prosecution objections, and Tehan was not allowed to explain this incident."

Rev. Kinlock was a friend of CORE who participated in several CORE actions including the 1963 White Castle demonstrations.

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Paul Boutelle


The Militant


The Militant


June 28, 1965


The Militant


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New York City 1965


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