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kochiyama + malcolm x.jpg
This is a photo of 7 Arts CORE member Yuri Kochiyama (left page, glasses, black dress) cradling the head of Malcolm X just after he had been assassinated at the Audubon Ballroom on February 21, 1965.

The photo speaks to just how involved…

This is a of still image of 7 Arts CORE member John Randolph from the film, 'Seconds'.
Randolph, like Jack Gilford and Madeline Lee of 7 Arts CORE, was blacklisted in the 1950's after appearing before the House of Un-American Activities…

jack gilford cafe society.tiff
This is a 1939 photo of 7 Arts CORE member Jack Gilford. In it, he is performing at Cafe Society in Greenwich Village, widely regarded as the first racially integrated night club in the United States.

Both he and his wife, 7 Arts member…

This is a 1976 photo of 7 Arts CORE members Valerie Harper and Jack Gilford. It is a publicity still from Harper's television series 'Rhoda' in which she starred as the lead character.

Harper wasn't just an active member, she was an officer in…

This is a photo of Yuri Kochiyama, 7 Arts CORE, perhaps the most widely recognized and respected Asian American activist in the history of the United States.

Her activism started as a member of CORE at Brooklyn CORE’s demonstrations at…

kochiyamas 1948.tiff
This is a 1948 photo of 7 Arts CORE members Yuri (female, center) and Bill (male, right) Kochiyama with their son, Billy.

'The first family of Asian-American activists', Yuri began her activism at Brooklyn CORE’s demonstration at SUNY Downstate…

benny powell  pic2.tiff
This is a photo of 7 Arts CORE member Benny Powell. A trombonist, he is mostly known for his long stint in the Count Basie Orchestra. He also taught at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music after 1994.

This is a film clip of 7 Arts CORE member Gloria Foster in the science fiction film, 'The Matrix'. Starring in probably her most well known role as 'the Oracle', this was an especially interesting role for a Black person. The multiple Obie Award…

gloria foster pic.tiff
This is a 1965 photo of 7 Arts CORE member Gloria Foster performing in the title role of 'Medea'. She is an example, like many in 7 Arts CORE, of Black performers who successfully broke the color line of Hollywood and Broadway. '... During the 1960s…

alix shulman.jpg
This is a photo of 7 Arts CORE member Alix Kates Shulman. Originally brought into the group by her friends Lloyd and Barbara Richards, she believes she was the one who originally suggested they be called 7 Arts CORE. She had been around CORE as…
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