Brooklyn CORE

'... the tail wagging the dog...'

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The overwhelming majority of this first section on Brooklyn CORE (BK CORE) was ripped straight from the PhD dissertation of historian Dr. Brian Purnell. For all intents and purposes it is just a re-telling of his research on the civil rights phase of the chapter with some added bits of information. It covers the years 1960-66.

This section on the history of Brooklyn CORE is longer than the civil rights section. This is because there has been little to no work done on the chapter's Black Power phase whereas Dr. Brian Purnell has covered the civil rights aspect of the chapter in depth. This does not mean I am attaching more significance to the Black Power phase of Brooklyn CORE than the civil rights phase, nor does it mean I am favoring one over the other. It is being done because it needs to be done and should have been done by now. The history of Brooklyn CORE's Black Power group is critical to understanding the Black nationalist groups that characterized the Black activist community in New York City from the late 1960's well into the 1990's.