photo of Jack Gilford, 7 Arts CORE

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photo of Jack Gilford, 7 Arts CORE


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This is a 1939 photo of 7 Arts CORE member Jack Gilford. In it, he is performing at Cafe Society in Greenwich Village, widely regarded as the first racially integrated night club in the United States.

Both he and his wife, 7 Arts member Madeline Lee, were actors who were subpenaed and testified before the House of Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). As a result, they were blacklisted throughout the 1950’s for their political activities.

The Academy and Tony Award nominated Gilford also appeared in the 1960 'Cabaret for Freedom', an all star benefit for Dr. King's SCLC which included the Journeyman, Maya Angelou, Godfrey Cambridge, Max Roach and Abbie Lincoln.

Madeline Lee was considered the 'go to' person for such benefits in the movement. She produced shows for just about every major civil rights and social justice organization in the 1960’s.

Their daughter, Lisa Lee Gilford, was also involved in CORE. At 17, she was arrested at the 1964 World’s Fair demonstration for protesting at the New York pavillion. As a student at the Elizabeth Irwin high school in Greenwich Village, she was part of a social circle of ‘red diaper babies’, some of whom were also at the demonstration and arrested.


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