film clip of Charles Gordone in "Coonskin"

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film clip of Charles Gordone in "Coonskin"


This is a film clip of 7 Arts CORE member Charles Gordone acting in Ralph Bakshi's 1975 film, "Coonskin". He starred in this film and appeared in another of Bakshi's film, "Heavy Traffic".
CORE and Rev. Al Sharpton demonstrated against the film when it first appeared as part of CORE' campaign against negative stereotyping of Blacks in films. Ironically, Gordone had once been an active member of CORE who led demonstrations against the discriminatory hiring of Blacks in the performing arts that eventually did lead to changes within Hollywood and Broadway. Bakshi always said the movie was in itself a protest of the racism in Hollywood. A subversive parody of films like Disney's "Song of the South". The main character was supposedly based on Malcolm X.
Because of the demonstrations against the film, it received only limited distribution and stopped showing soon after its release. Bakshi still blames CORE and Al Sharpton for it being shut down. It has since become a hip-hop classic whose fans include director Spike Lee.


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