photo of Elayne Jones, Queens CORE

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photo of Elayne Jones, Queens CORE


This is a photo of Queens CORE member Elayne Jones, wife of Queens CORE chairman Dr. George Kaufman. At the time, Jones was a professional musician. She is considered the 'first African American to hold a principal position with a major symphony orchestra' (

"I was not considered pretty by black standards,'' she says. "I was dark-skinned, had thick lips, my hair was kinky. To be attractive in the black community, you had to look like Lena Horne.''
"Those things really made me focus on my music. And through my music I met George. He was attracted to my music.''


Notable Black American Women, Volume 2


“photo of Elayne Jones, Queens CORE,”, accessed December 10, 2023,

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