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This is a May 17, 1960 of CORE member Jocelyn Boyd (Black, handbag, heels) handing out leaflets at a CORE demonstration in Manhattan. The protest is part of that year's national Woolworth's campaign. Jocelyn Boyd at the time was secretary to Marv…

This is a photo of Marv Rich (right, coat and tie), the Community Relations Director for CORE, 2nd only to the national director James Farmer. A graduate of Washington University, he entered college about the same time he came into CORE at 16 years…

This is a photo of an unknown demonstrator at Brooklyn CORE's September 1962 demonstration at the White House in Washington, D.C.

bkcore bury.tiff
This is a 1962 photo of Brooklyn CORE demonstrating at the White House in Washington, D.C.

The chapter along with approximately 150 other CORE members from the eastern seaboard picketed for 24 hours between September 22 and 23 in support of…

This is a 1962 photo of Brooklyn CORE member Barbara Weeks. In it, she is being carried away by a police officer after practicing the 'go limp' technique during the campaign against Ebinger's Bakery.

According to Dr. Brian Purnell, she was also…

This is a 1962 photo of Brooklyn CORE members Rioghan Kirchner (White) and Dr. Barbara Wallace (Black) being arrested at the Ebingers Bakery demonstration.

Wallace also participated in the Route 40 Freedom Rides.

This is a photo of Lincoln Lynch being arrested at the duck farm protest in Riverhead in 1964.

licore 2.tif
This is a photo of a Long Island CORE member demonstrating on a picket line. Her identity is unknown at this time.
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