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george houser young.jpg
This is a photo of CORE founding member George Houser. While James Farmer was CORE’s first chairman, Houser as CORE’s first Executive Secretary was essentially the head of CORE and its guiding director throughout its first two decades.


journey of rec.tif
This is a photo of members of the 1947 Journey of Reconciliation. Left to right: Worth Randle, Wallace Nelson, Ernest Bromley, James Peck, Igal Roodenko, Bayard Rustin, Joseph Felmet, George Houser and Andrew Johnson.

There were sixteen members…

1947 core .jpg
This is a copy of a 1947 CORE letter sent out to staff. It is included here because it demonstrates:
1. That CORE was headquartered in New York City and had an office in Harlem as early as 1947. CORE moved to NYC because its first national leader,…

george houser.jpg
This is a 1973 photo of George Houser as the founder of the founder and Executive Director of the American Committee on Africa (ACOA). The ACOA was founded in 1953 to support the liberation struggle in Africa against colonialism and apartheid. It…
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