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herb callender.tiff
This is a 1964 photo of Bronx CORE chairman Herb Callender.
A union leader in a Ford auto plant, he was one of the original 1961 Freedom Riders. The case that resulted from his particpation, Herbert E. Callender v. Florida, went all the way to the…

floyd mckissick.tiff
This is a July 22, 1966 photo of CORE's National Director Floyd McKissick. In the photo he is holding a sign saying 'Black Power' while standing in front of the Apollo theater on 125th street in Harlem.

This is a photo of the book 'The Education of Sonny Carson', (hard cover, first edition, signed by members of Brooklyn CORE and Sonny Carson).

Photo shot at the offices of the Committee to Honor Black Heroes. My thanks to Ali Lamont.

sc eyes
This is a 1968 film clip of Brooklyn CORE chairman Sonny Carson being interviewed by WABC News at the Ocean Hill-Brownsville school demonstration.

(source: Eyes on the Prize: Episode 9 "Power")

This is the poster for the 1974 film, 'The Education of Sonny Carson'.

ali lamont.jpg
This is a photo of Ali Lamont of Brooklyn CORE. As a member of Brooklyn CORE's Black Power group, he served as personal bodyguard to chairman Sonny Carson. He is currently the head of the Committee to Honor Black Heroes.

sol carson pic.tif
This is a 1968 photo of Bronx CORE chairman Sol Herbert (front, stripped shirt) and Brooklyn CORE chairman Sonny Carson (back). Both men led their chapters to secede from CORE over the election of Roy Innis as national director.

Before becoming…

This is a video clip of a 2007 NY1 news story on the controversy which surrounded the naming of a street after Brooklyn CORE chairman Sonny Carson in Bedford Stuyvesant.

This is a big file (38 mb) so please be patient. It will take a minute to…

lamar cox young.tiff
This is a photo of Long Island chairman Lamar Cox. He was chairman in 1969.

ollie leeds.jpg
This is a photo of the second Brooklyn CORE chairman Ollie Leeds (Black).

Leed's parents were from Grenada. He spent 3 1/2 years in the Army and was a decorated WWII veteran. He was also an early member of the Negro History Association.

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