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cyril boynes young2.tif
This is a photo of Bronx CORE chairman Cyril Boynes, Jr. In 1973, he became co-chairman of Harlem CORE where his brother Rupert was also a member. Both are the nephews of Roy Innis.
He is still listed as a member of CORE's Executive Staff at…

BK CORE BOE overnight.tiff
This is a January 29, 1963 photo of Brooklyn CORE sitting in overnight outside the office of acting School Superintendent Bernard Donovan at the Board of Education in Brooklyn.
Standing is Arnold Goldwag (White). There is some dispute as to who the…

patricia newman.tiff
This is a May 26, 1964 photo of Downtown CORE member Patricia Newman (holding sign) and other CORE members being arrested. They had been staging a sit-in at the office of Building Commissioner Harold Birns.

The other members of CORE here are…

chris sprowal
This is a photo of Chris Sprowal on the cover of the November 1986 issue of the news magazine, City Limits. By the early 1980’s, a failed marriage ultimately led him to return to Philadelphia, drug addiction and homelessness.

Rather than stay…

blyden jackson black journal.mp4
This is a 1969 panel discussion with East River CORE head Blyden Jackson (far left, afro, dashiki) on South Africa, straight from PBS' show "Black Journal". At the time he was working for an organization started by CORE founder George Houser, the…

lincoln lynch black journal.mp4
This is a 1968 clip from PBS' "Black Journal" of Long Island CORE chairman Lincoln Lynch. Just before he left CORE he was the national vice chairman under CORE head Floyd McKissick. At the time of this clip he was the vice chairman of the New York…

This is a photo of a member of the American Nazi Party counter picketing Brooklyn CORE's demonstration at the White House in Washington , D.C.

This is a photo of an unknown demonstrator at Brooklyn CORE's September 1962 demonstration at the White House in Washington, D.C.

This is a September 15, 1962 photo of Brooklyn CORE members dumping trash on the steps of Brooklyn's Borough Hall as part of the chapter's Operation Cleansweep. The Brooklyn CORE in the photo are currently unidentified.

This is a photo of an unknown protester at a Brooklyn CORE demonstration against the Board of Education.
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