photo of Russell Blackwell, Downtown CORE


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photo of Russell Blackwell, Downtown CORE


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This is a photo of Downtown CORE member Russell Blackwell.
One of the 'old lefties' that populated the Lower East Side at the time, he had been a communist and fought in the Spanish Civil War. He eventually became an anarchist and was one of the founding members of the Libertarian League. Advocating "equal freedom for all in a free socialist society", the League led picket lines during CORE's campaign against Woolworth's department stores. Igal Roodenko and Murray Bookchin of Downtown CORE were also members. Betsy Wyckoff, the freedom rider, was his long time companion.

My thanks to Judy Bundy for bringing him to my attention.



“photo of Russell Blackwell, Downtown CORE,”, accessed December 6, 2023,

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