photo of Bob Gore, national CORE

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photo of Bob Gore, national CORE


This is a photo of Robert Gore of the national CORE office. Gore, like Bayard Rustin and George Houser, was a pacifist who originally came from the Fellowship of Reconciliation. He served as associate community relations director under Marv Rich in 1962 and later as assistant director of the organization department under Gordon Carey.

He participated in the Route 40 Freedom Rides. He was arrested at Downtown CORE's demonstration at Rutgers Houses in the summer of 1963.

According to Mark Levy of COFO (Council of Federated Offices), "National CORE, in early 1964, had sent New Yorker Mickey Schwerner (with his wife Rita) to head up the CORE organizing project in Mississippi in the District 4 area assigned to them by COFO. When Schwerner was killed by the Klan at the start of the summer, Gore was sent to Meridian, MS, to serve as interim-head of the Freedom Summer project in that area."

Gore later moved to Africa where he lived until he died.


Terry Perlman Hickerson


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