photo of Rita Schwerner, Downtown CORE


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photo of Rita Schwerner, Downtown CORE


This is a photo of Rita Schwerner a founding member of Downtown CORE and the the wife of Mickey Schwerner. She also worked on the Mississppi Freedom Project.

Originally an English major at Queens College/CUNY, she went on to get a J.D. From Rutgers Univ.

She is currently a principal in the law firm Skellenger Bender located in Seattle, Washington. According to her website, 'Rita is admitted to practice in the federal and state courts in Washington, as well as the United States Supreme Court and the United States Courts of Appeals for the Ninth and Third Circuits.'

It should be noted that she pursued justice for her husband for more than forty years. As captured in the documentary "Neshoba", Edgar Ray Killen, a former KKK member, was finally convicted in 2005 for his role in the murders of Schwerner, Goodman and Chaney.

"My husband, Michael Schwerner, did not die in vain. If he and Andrew Goodman had been Negroes, the world would have taken little notice of their deaths. After all, the slaying of a Negro in Mississippi is not news. It is only because my husband and Andrew Goodman were white that the national alarm has been sounded." - Rita Schwerner



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