photo of Karin Berg, East River CORE


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photo of Karin Berg, East River CORE


This is a photo of East River CORE member Karin Berg. In 1963, when Harlem CORE member Blyden Jackson lost to Marshall England in the election for Harlem CORE chairman, he and other Harlem CORE members split and formed their own CORE chapter, East River CORE. Karin Berg was one of those members. Nicknamed the 'River Rats', they were well known for their militant protest tactics.

Berg had previously served as the secretary for Harlem CORE and had participated in the Route 40 Freedom Rides. By 1965 she was working at the national office.

This photo comes from the autobiography of Black actor Robert Guillaume (of the TV show "Benson") with whom Berg was very close. She eventually became a music industry executive as an A+R. She went as far as becoming a vice president for Warner Records.


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