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articles by Marlene Nadle, East River CORE


These are newspaper articles by East River CORE member Marlene Nadle. Originally a school teacher from Buffalo, Nadle was also one of the Harlem CORE who left to start East River CORE.
A regular columnist for the Village Voice at the time, she has written what are considered two seminal articles on the movement, pieces that are often reprinted. "View from the Back of the Bus" (nadle_mow.pdf), is a piece on traveling on a CORE bus to the March on Washington and features a young Omar Abu Ahmed.
"Malcolm X: The Complexity of a Man in the Jungle," (nadle_malcolmx1.pdf) contains an interview she did with Malcolm at the Teresa Hotel.

I have also included one other article she did on Malcolm X, "Burying Malcolm X" (nadle_malcolmx2.pdf) and a piece she did on East River CORE.

Her ability to gain access to Malcolm X had nothing to do with being a member of CORE. It was a Village Voice assignment. She currently serves as serves as associate of East and Central Europe Program at New School for Social Research.

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