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This is a May 17, 1960 of CORE member Jocelyn Boyd (Black, handbag, heels) handing out leaflets at a CORE demonstration in Manhattan. The protest is part of that year's national Woolworth's campaign. Jocelyn Boyd at the time was secretary to Marv…

This is a photo of an unknown demonstrator at Brooklyn CORE's September 1962 demonstration at the White House in Washington, D.C.

This is a September 15, 1962 photo of Brooklyn CORE members dumping trash on the steps of Brooklyn's Borough Hall as part of the chapter's Operation Cleansweep. The Brooklyn CORE in the photo are currently unidentified.

This is a photo of an unknown protester at a Brooklyn CORE demonstration against the Board of Education.

This is a photo of well known actor Ossie Davis participating in Brooklyn CORE's week long sit in at the Board of Education in 1962.

Davis, who with a his wife Ruby Dee, were known to go out of their way to participate in the movement and…

This is a photo of the Bibuld family who were at the center of Brooklyn CORE's first campaign against the NYC Board of Education. In between Elaine and Jerome Bibuld are their children (from left to right) Melanie, Carrington, and Douglass.…

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This is a 1964 photo of Columbia CORE sitting in at the office of Columbia University's treasurer. This was part of its campaign supporting the right of cafeteria workers to unionize.

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This is a photo of South Jamaica CORE member Joel Rosinsky (White, front, holding sign, ‘No dogs…’) demonstrating at the 1964 World’s Fair.

He was part of the original group that seceded from Queens CORE to South Jamaica CORE.


This is the photo used for the New York Times obituary of Brooklyn CORE chairman Major Owens who died on October 21, 2013. The photo is notable because in it he is speaking at an NAACP event.

The fact that Congressman Major Owens was ever a…
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