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bernice fisher.jpg
This is a 1960 photo of New York CORE member taken in front of her apartment in Brooklyn. Like James Farmer, James Robinson and George Houser, she was one of the founding members of CORE who relocated to New York City.
A pacifist and divinity…

gloria bouknight.jpg
This is the 1961 arrest photo for CORE member Gloria Bouknight as a Freedom Rider in Jackson, Mississippi. Originally from the South, she lived in New York after the rides and was roommates with Sheila Michaels. She served as chair of the membership…

elizabeth adler.jpg
This is the arrest photo for CORE member Elizabeth Adler as a Freedom Rider. She went on to become a member of New York CORE and a founding member of East River CORE. She is one of the seven arrested at East River CORE's Triborough Bridge sit in.

stu wechs2.jpg
This is a July 25, 1967 photo of CORE field secretary Stuart Wechsler (center, glasses) being arrested in Cambridge, Maryland. He was down from New York City working on the Target City Project. By is own account, he'd been arrested 25-30 times as an…

stu wechs.jpg
This is a July 27, 1967 of CORE field secretary Stuart Wechsler (center, White male) walking to court in Cambridge, Maryland for his July 25 arrest. Wechsler had been down from New York City working on CORE's Target City project in Baltimore.

wendell foster.jpg
This is a 2009 photo of the Reverend Wendell Foster taken at the Christ Church in the Bronx. He has been a pastor there for 42 years.
"In 1978, he became the first black elected city official in the Bronx, where he served for 24 years as a…

wendell foster young.jpg
This is a mid 1960's photo of CORE member Wendell Foster.
Although he did not consider himself a member of any chapter, he was especially involved with New York CORE going back as far as the mid 1940's. Most notably, he played a central role in the…

genivieve hughes.PNG
This is a 1960 photo of New York CORE member Genevieve Hughes. She led the dime store boycott committee for the chapter during CORE's 1960 Woolworth's campaign.
A former financial analyst, she left Wall Street and went on to work full time as…

This is a photo of former New York CORE chairmen James Robinson(White man, glasses and picket sign) and Darwin Bolden (Black man, pork pie hat). Harlem CORE was originally referred to as New York CORE when the chapter was located on 42nd.…

This is a 1965 photo of Lula Farmer (center) with her husband James Farmer, founding member of CORE and its national director at the time. Their daughter, Abbey, is seated to the left. The second photo includes their other daughter, Tami (black…
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