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This is a 1968 photo of Long Island CORE chairman Mel Jackson.

This is 1969 photo of Clayton Chesson (right, glasses), founder of Brookhaven CORE and its first chairman. Chesson was head of the Patchogue NAACP before he came to CORE. He served as a director of and then chairman of the board at the Farm Workers…

This is a 1979 photo of Brookhaven CORE chairman Yvonne Rivers. She succeeded Clayton Chesson. Here she is the vice chairman of the Economic Opportunity Council of Suffolk Inc., an anti-poverty agency in Long Island.

This is a photo of the Long Island CORE’s Black Leadership Training School, part of the chapter’s Leadership Training Program. The photo is from the first session at State Agricultural and Technical College at Farmingdale.

This is a 1969 photo of students in Long Island CORE’s Leadership Training Program. This is the graduation ceremony held at Hofstar University in June. It was the third session. 27 students graduated.

This is a July 22, 1966 photo of CORE's National Director Floyd McKissick. In the photo he is holding a sign saying 'Black Power' while standing in front of the Apollo theater on 125th street in Harlem.

This is a 1969 photo of Long Beach CORE chairman James Graydon (Black). He is looking over a series of articles on poverty with a Newsday editor and a local poverty worker.

This is a 1971 photo of Long Island CORE vice chairman Lorenzo Merrit. Voted social worker of the year in 1973 by the Nassau chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, he also worked for the Westbury anti-poverty board.

This is a 1969 photo of Westbury CORE chairman Harold Russell (left) and vice chairman James Sobers (right). In the photo they are announcing their quitting their posts as the heads of the Long Beach NAACP to join CORE. They were given permission to…

This is a document from the Federal Bureau of Investigation's COINTELPRO program that discusses plans to attempt to convince Herman Ferguson, former education chairman of South Jamaica CORE, that Charles 37X Kenyatta, leader of the Harlem Mau Mau,…