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eleanor stein book
This is the cover illustration for 'The Bust Book' written by Brooklyn SCORE chairman Eleanor Stein with other members of the Weather Underground. Stein is listed in the credits as Eleanor Raskin, her first married name.

Although a student at…

eleanor stein pic.tiff
This is a photo of founding member and Brooklyn SCORE chairman Eleanor Stein. In the photo, she is a law student at Columbia University in the late 1960's.

An Erasmus High School student when he helped found the student chapter of Brooklyn…

sc photo 7--.jpg
This is a photo of Brooklyn CORE chairman Sonny Carson. It is a publicity still from his 1974 movie, "The Education of Sonny Carson".

Born Robert Carson, he changed his name to Mwlina Imiri Abubadika in the early 1970's. It was given to him…

ali lamont jr. pic.tiff
This is a photo of Brooklyn CORE chairman Ali Lamont, Jr. According to the article the photo was taken from he was 29 years old at the time.

Originally a member of the Nation of Islam, he became of member of Brooklyn CORE out of his…

BK CORE office pic.tiff
This is a photo of the Brooklyn CORE store front office.

seitu pic.tiff
This is a photo of Brooklyn CORE member Jim 'Seitu' Dyson. He was one of the many Brooklyn CORE members that also were members of the EAST. A graphic artist, he did the majority of the covers for the EAST's newspaper, Black News.

evie rich pic.tiff
This is a 1959 photo of New York CORE member Evie Rich with her son, Gordon. She is walking the picket line in midtown Manhattan. According to the Amsterdam News, it was “the first major protest demonstration against airline job discrimination on…

This is a photo of Long Island CORE member Jon Moscow as a college student. While an undergraduate at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, he helped the local Black Panther Party chapter set up its free Fred Hampton Memorial People’s Health Clinic…

calvin cobb pic.tiff
This is a photo of Calvin Cobb, one of the founders of Suffolk County CORE and its first chairman. According to his obituary, his family were sharecroppers from South Carolina. A World War II veteran of the Air Force, he graduated from the City…

irwin pic.tiff
This is a 1973 photo of Suffolk County CORE chairman Irwin Quintyne.
A World War II Navy veteran, he and his wife, Delores, originally moved from the projects in Harlem to North Amityville, Long Island in 1961. She was the first chairman of Suffolk…
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